today I would like to answer one of the most frequent questions that come from customers who are approaching this career and are about to start a training program and need to get all the necessary information.

One of the biggest questions is the choice between an INDIVIDUAL and a GROUP permanent make-up class. Well, if you are approaching this field for the first time, I recommend choosing a group course (not more than 8 students), for the following reasons:

  • You can share problems and ideas with people who are in your same situations;
  • You can learn more from other people, even when they make questions you would not ask;
  • A group course consists of six training days, WITH A BREAK OF AT LEAST ONE WEEK BETWEEN THEORY AND PRACTICE, so that no one is left behind;
  • during your time off you will be practicing with our exercises;
  • your teachers will provide technical assistance when practicing on real models. There will be at least one teacher every three students;
  • it is less expensive.

There are just some of the reasons why I recommend a group class. However, sometimes it is not easy to find time to attend a group class, and many of you prefer choosing an individual class, since it is more practical.  In this case, you will be working directly with your teacher, that is why a course consists of 3 or 4 training days.

In my opinion, an individual class should come after attending a group course, to improve your technical skills required for the next level (Advanced & Corrective course).

Last but not least, when attending a group class you have the chance to meet new people, make new friends, and grow with them from a professional point of view.

What about you? Did you choose a group or an individual class? How was it? Leave your comments and help your colleagues make the right choise J

Thanks :*

Valeria O&B