The company

La ORSINI&BELFATTO s.r.l. is born from the union of two professionals, Ennio Orsini and Toni Belfatto. The company deals with professional training and provision of services in the field of dermopigmentation. To date, there are more than 5000 operators trained and initiated into the world of permanent makeup, tattoo art, paramedical dermopig-mentation or the last born: the world of Tricopigmentazione® (hair pigmentation), in which ORSINI&BELFATTO owns the worldwide pa-tents and trademark rights.

ORSINI&BELFATTO Academy is based on the extensive experience of its founders that have been dealing with this issue for over 15 years.

Using a highly effective and thoroughly consolidated didactic method we train with success a large number of aspiring dermopigmentists. The method ORSINI&BELFATTO has shown that the rate of successful students enrolled in its courses rises to almost 90%. These results are also obtained thanks to a careful post-course assistance activity.

Furthermore, ORSINI&BELFATTO s.r.l. has an efficient sales depart-ment that can provide equipment, consumer products and various types of items that will help new operators to work safely with mate-rials complying with applicable regulations and of the highest quality.

ORSINI&BELFATTO s.r.l. has been chosen by several companies ope-rating in the field of dermopigmentation, for the development of new products, colours, needles and didactic protocols.

Company organization structure